Caring for your Jewellery

In order to care for your pieces properly, do not wear them when undertaking any of the following activities:

- Showering

- Washing your hands

- Washing up

- Cleaning

- Whilst in contact with any abrasives

- Whilst applying cosmetics, moisturisers or perfumes

- Sleeping

- Exercising

- Any circumstance where your pieces may be at risk of harm

To clean Sterling Silver and Solid Gold 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Gold pieces use a soft cotton cloth. For stone pieces (and pieces with small crevices, for example the granule +melt series) warm soapy water and a very soft brush can help you reach some of the difficult to clean areas. As always, make sure to be incredibly gentle as your jewellery is delicate and though made of precious metals, is easy to damage from too much force.

For gold plated items, similar cleaning processes can be used but make absolutely sure to use nothing abrasive on your gold plated pieces as this will gradually remove the pure gold plating. Many polishing cloths contain a small amount of fine polishing compound in them and are only suitable for use on sold metal pieces. Make sure to use only plain soft cotton cloth very gently to clean your gold plated items.

If you have any questions or would like to have your piece cleaned by us, please email us at