Ring Sizing

In order to ensure you order the correct size, we recommend that you order one of our Ring Sizers and size yourself correctly previous to your purchase. If you are not using one of our ring sizers but think you know your size, make sure to check that you are using the UK and Australian sizes before purchasing. Your local jeweller will also likely be happy to size you. Some rings may be unable to be resized, and most rings can only be resized minimally. Moving from a very small to large size and vice versa is not possible.

As a general guide only – our most common(womens) small sizes are L + M, our medium N + O, and large P + Q.

Alternatively, if you have a ring that you know fits the same finger (and it has a similar width band, rings like the Basic Band need to be sized up a full size or more because of the wide band) then our ring sizing chart should give you an approximate guide as to what size you are. Please note, this is not a to scale drawing that can be printed, it is a visual guide to demonstrate the approximate measurements associated with each size.

If making use of this guide, make sure to measure the diameter across the inside of a ring that fits the same finger to the nearest mm. The ring sizing chart is a GUIDE ONLY and does NOT take the place of having your ring sized using our Ring Sizer or being sized by a jeweller. Please be very careful when measuring as a just a millimetres error in measurement can change sizing completely.