About Elizabeth Wiltshire Jewellery

Elizabeth Wiltshire Jewellery (EWJ) began as a serendipitous journey, and in February 2023, the EWJ story took a new turn with the arrival of my son Banjo.

Over seven years, I've evolved from crafting simple sterling silver pieces to creating bespoke five-figure creations, and the time I've had away from the bench whilst looking after my son has given me newfound clarity for the next phase of EWJ.

In an age dominated by AI and mass production, my passion for handcrafting quality jewelry has deepened. Every piece is born on a recycled timber workbench - a sentimental creation made for me by my dad from a discarded TV unit. Using my mum's vintage jewellery tools, I weave heritage into each creation.

EWJ is a celebration of the earth's most precious materials, dedicated to sustainability and character. Crafting a seamless blend of quality and personality, it is my intention that each piece is an intimate experience for every client.

Now, more than ever, EWJ is committed to creating pieces that effortlessly integrate into your life, reflecting your unique identity.

Explore Elizabeth Wiltshire Jewellery—where each piece is a fusion of artistry, history, and your personal narrative.